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Jonny Smokes – BIO

Formerly from Seattle USA, now currently based in Den Haag NL, Jonny Smokes plays live music with an open heart for the whole world to enjoy!

One-Man Band
Jonny Smokes redefines the concept of a one-man-band. From his proficiency with multiple instruments to his enthusiastic showmanship, he displays a tremendous talent that leaves crowds amazed. Masterfully using various effects pedals and a loop sampler to record his voice, guitar and other instruments, he artistically composes full songs right before the audience’s eyes and ears, creating a unique experience at every concert!

Jonny has a genuinely warm and humorous stage personality that has earned him thousands of loyal fans and friends worldwide. With over 300 popular cover songs, Smokes performs a wide variety of music styles ranging from laid back folk ballads, upbeat party pop, alternative rock, hip hop and even grunge and heavy metal! This sonic diversity brings everyone in the room together, creating an exciting party that everyone can enjoy.

The Ed Sheeran Tribute Show
Recreating the live shows of Ed Sheeran may seem like an impossible task, but Jonny Smokes proves quite the opposite. Using the same signature acoustic guitars, a keyboard, vocal harmony effects and a loop station, every song is crafted to be as sonically close to the album versions as possible, while also showcasing elements of Sheeran’s best live sessions. The Ed Sheeran Tribute Show authentically captures the feeling of Ed’s live energy, playing all the biggest hits and fan favorites: from “Shape of you” and “I Don’t Care” to classics such as “A-team” and “Thinking out Loud.”

With each of his albums, Jonny Smokes is always exploring new visions and sounds. Fully self-recorded and produced, with every instrument and even the artwork done by Jonny, these are truly personal creations. The latest CD “Reflections” is an introspective and personal journey into his heart, showcasing his acoustic side with subtle elements of pop and progressive rock. Listen and enjoy on Spotify, Apple Music, and over 150 other digital music stores online!