The Ed Sheeran Tribute

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The Ed Sheeran Tribute

Who would ever believe that a one-man show would rule the music industry? Ed Sheeran did.
Incredibly this humble man with his guitar and a loop pedal, has defied all the odds and become the biggest selling concert experience in history. Dominating the global charts for over a decade with dozens of top hits, constantly selling out the largest stadiums worldwide
night after night, Ed Sheeran has proven that one person with love in their heart can truly conquer the world.

Recreating the one-man shows of Ed Sheeran live may seem like an impossible task for most musicians, but Jonny Smokes goes above and beyond! Using his loop pedals with Ed’s own signature acoustic guitars for the best authentic tones, Jonny quickly builds Ed’s songs right
before the audience’s eyes and ears. Using beat box techniques to enhance the drum parts, sometimes adding a piano or keyboard part, and even using a vocal harmony effect pedal in all the right places, each song is masterfully crafted to be as sonically close to the album
versions as possible, all while still showcasing the best elements of Ed Sheeran’s live sessions.

This energetic tribute experience genuinely displays the love and charisma of Ed, playing all the biggest hits and fan favorites straight from the heart. Performing top new songs like Eyes Closed, Celestial, Shivers, hot club hits such as Shape Of You, I Don’t Care, Bad Habits, Sing, heartfelt ballads like Perfect, Thinking Out Loud, Happier, timeless fan favorites like The A Team, Galway Girl, Lego House, I See Fire, Photograph, and so many more…
There is never enough time to actually play all the hits, so fans can be guaranteed to enjoy every
moment of this live show!
And Sheeran’s fans are the best! “Sheerio’s” are all ages, colors, shapes and sizes, and come from all walks of life. They reflect the down to earth humility and genuine friendliness that Ed exemplifies by defying the typical pop star flair and image driven ego. That’s why Jonny Smokes respectfully doesn’t bother to wear a wig or try to change into fancy costumes. Just one man and his guitar, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, singing from his heart and bringing the world together with beautiful songs.
No wigs, just good gigs.